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From the Desk of Rabbi Levitin | Parsha Vaeschanon

Friday, 16 August, 2019 - 1:07 pm

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Dear Friends, 
We are pleased to send you this week’s edition of Here’s My Story

Here's a note from Jewish Educational Media about this special article: 

"In our work to record the testimony of individuals’ experiences with the Rebbe, we often encounter those who tell us that their encounter was so personal and so private that it cannot be shared.
While we always try to persuade them that it is exactly such personal stories that are incredibly relevant, too many decide to keep their stories to themselves.
We are especially thankful to Mrs. A. for sharing her story with us. Though it was difficult for her to relive this part of her life, she graciously agreed to do so on the condition that her identity not be revealed.

We hope that others who have withheld their stories thus far will be encouraged to emulate her example."

Click here for the story.

Have a beautiful Shabbos.
Rabbi Levitin 

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