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Behar | 19-26 Iyar, 5779

Friday, 24 May, 2019 - 8:50 pm

Erev Shabbos, Fri May 24th 
Shacharis: 7  AM
Mincha/Candles  8:32 PM 
Maariv 9:29 PM /COUNT OMER #35/

Shabbos, Sat May 25th 
Shacharis: 9:30 AM 
Mincha 8:32 PM. Pirkei Avos Chapter 4.  Seuda Slishit Lite.
Maariv/Havdalah 9:42 /COUNT OMER #36/

Weekday Services
Sun Shacharis 9 AM 
Mon -Fri Shacharis 7 AM 
Mincha 8:40 pm
Maariv and Sefira bezomano  (Sun 9:32 PM to Thu 9:36 PM) /COUNT #37-41/

In the CSTL Social Hall. In honor of the yahrzeit of Rabbi Meir ("Maharam") of Rothenburg (1293)

Kiddush lite.   So far, no sponsor for cholent.

Visit our web site for current status or to sign up for text alerts North Seattle Eruv status flag on the NE 65th Street side of CSTL: Green flag means the Eruv is up, Red flag the Eruv is down.

All are welcome to this inspiring class.

One hour before Shabbos mincha.

CSTL TOT PROGRAM 10:30 am – 12:30 pm /TBD
Info: Liz Roth-Jacobovitz:


In the library.  Come say a prayer for those in need. 

Weekly Talmud Class with Rabbi Levitin –Sundays following 9am Shacharis
Gemora Baba Basra with Rabbi Levitin after 9 am Shacharis

Weekly History Class for Women with Chanie Levitin Tue 7:30 pm
At Rebbetzin Levitin’s home, 6519 49th Ave NE.  For more info,

Talmud Class - Mesechet SANHEDRIN with Rabbi Mendy Levitn 
Please contact Shuky Meyer at +1-347-761-2134 to be added to the whatsapp group, for updated time and location

Register at This summer at Camp Gan Israel Seattle, we will be focusing on discovering the hidden talents within every single camper.. Looking forward to giving your child the best summer experience. With questions, call or text Rabbi Kavka 206-730-2775

If you would like to sponsor Kiddush at CSTL, please contact Marion Kitz Gabbai Kiddush, . Contact Marion to sponsor a Kiddush for a BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY or YAHRZEIT. Please inform Marion by the preceding Sunday evening so that we have time to prepare properly.  Prices: Sponsor $350, co-Sponsor $175, Contributor: $50-$149. Presidential Kiddush $50, Chulent $100.


MMSC Annual Fundraising Dinner Tue June 4th 6:15 AM At Melrose Market Studios, 1532 Minor Avenue. Register to attend or sponsor at by May 31st. An evening of Cocktails, Hors D'oeuvres, and Comedy by world-renowned comedian, Mark Schiff! Featuring a top-shelf open bar throughout the evening, along with delicious Hors d'oeuvres catered by Info: Levi at (206) 898 -9361, 

Second Annual "One People, One Heart" Community Event, JUN 24th Keynote speaker will be former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau. More info: 

ERENSYA SEPHARDIC DESSERT RECEPTION– 7 PM MON MAY 27 Congregation Ezra Bessaroth is proud to host a special evening of Sephardic history, culture, & Art. The program will include a dessert reception with special guests Aron Hasson of the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation and delegates from Sephardic Communities around the world. The award winning exhibit on Jewish Life on Rhodes will be on display for this one night only. This evening is free & open to the community. 

Behind Enemy Lines with Marthe Cohn Mon Jun 3rd 7 PM Hear an incredible story of courage, faith, and espionage. Holocaust survivor Marthe Cohn gathered intelligence about Nazi troop movements behind enemy lines by posing as a German nurse. She was later awarded France's highest military honor. Presented by Chabad of Kirkland. At Lake Washington High School ( Kirkland) 

Cardozo Jewish Lawyer Society – Thu June 6th 6 PM Honoring Professor Eric Schnapper, recipient of the 2019 L'Dor V'Dor Award for his contributions to the Jewish and legal communities of Washington State. Professor Schnapper teaches civil rights, civil procedure, and employment discrimination law at the UW School of Law. 

Shalom Baby Baskets Available for every Jewish baby in the Seattle area, sponsored by Jewish Community Center. To register, call Talya Kurland, 206-388-0828. The Shalom Baby basket is suitable for children ages birth through age 2. 

Camp Yavneh 2019 Registration now open for Camp Yavneh. Staff applications now available at 

New Seattle Jewish Event Calendar 

SEATTLE SEPHARDIC LEGACIES – SUN JUNE 2 AT 2PM AT THE UW HUB Trace the journey of Seattle’s Sephardic Jews from the Ottoman Empire to the Pacific Northwest through the letters, documents, books, and material artifacts transported from the Mediterranean world to the Puget Sound. Get a glimpse of the diverse and rich libraries of Ladino literature that they established right here in Seattle to transmit Ladino culture to future generations. Presented by UW Sephardic Studies. For more information contact Ty Alhadeff, at Sunday, June 2nd from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the HUB 160: Lyceum, 4001 E Stevens Way NE Seattle, WA 98195 

Federation Annual Meeting Thu June 20th 7 PM The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle invites you to our 2019 Annual Meeting to honor community award recipients and learn about Federation's impact on our community. At Stroum JCC - Mercer Island 

Sephardic Lecture Series At Sephardic Bikur Holim. (206) 723-3028 

Mercaz Shavuaton JUNE 7th – 10th At Camp Salomon Schechter. 

AIRPORT , LOCAL TRIPS, AND KOSHER RESTAURANT DELIVERY! – ELI DUBAN, DRIVER Competitive rates, excellent service. Contact Eli at 206-771-2670 


This week’s Torah reading describes the mitzvah of the Jubilee year. During the Jubilee, land that was part of a person’s ancestral heritage and which he had sold would be returned to him. To explain: When the Jews entered Eretz Yisrael, the land was divided among them, with every person receiving a portion of equal value. The people were then given the opportunity of working the land. Inevitably, some were more successful than others. There were some who failed so severely that they had to sell their land in order to purchase their life necessities. 

As every person was living out his individual life story, the people as a whole were counting years. Every seven years, there was a Sabbatical year when the land would not be worked. After seven Sabbatical year cycles, 49 years, came the Jubilee. At the beginning of that year, any property that had been sold would be returned to its original owner or to his heirs. 

On one hand, this is an amazing opportunity for rebirth and renewal. A person is given a second chance. On the other hand, we all know from experience that when a person is given a second chance, there is a high probability that he will do exactly what he did the first time. After all, his habits are scripted into his psyche to the point that the likelihood of significant change taking place is small. 

Why then the mitzvah of the Jubilee? 

To give a person the opportunity; to invite him to break out of his existing patterns and start something new. 

Moreover, the mitzvah of the Jubilee also points to the inner strength a person possesses that enables him to break out of his previous mode of conduct and make that new start something more than a repetition of past events. 

The Jubilee starts with the sounding of the shofar. In addition to the sounding of the shofaron Rosh HaShanah, the shofar is again sounded on Yom Kippur for the Jubilee. The shofar’s call emanates from the very essence of our being. It is simple, without musical trappings, the essence of a Jew calling out to his Father in Heaven. 

It is from this essential core that a person begins rebuilding in the Jubilee. The essence of a Jew’s soul is an actual part of G-d, infinite, unbounded, and undefined, like G-d Himself. Often, however, this G-dly potential lies latent and the person goes about his daily routine with little change or deviation. The sounding of the shofar calls this G-dly potential into revelation and gives this person the potential to access it and begin living in a different manner entirely. 

Looking to the Horizon 

The seven-year Sabbatical cycle, like the seven-day weekly cycle, alludes to a cycle of greater scope. The history of the world is divided into seven millennia with the seventh millennium — like the Sabbath and the Sabbatical year — to be an era when G-d’s presence will be tangibly felt. To use our Sages’ words: It will be the era that is “the era that is all Sabbath and rest for life everlasting.” 

This is not only a prophecy for the future; it makes us aware of the special time in which we are presently living. If we follow the above conception, in the present age, it’s Friday afternoon, past midday. Now at that time, in Jewish homes, the house begins to take on a Shabbos look. Similarly, at this time, G-d’s home, the world, is beginning to anticipate the era of the Redemption. By opening our eyes to the Messianic dynamics at work in our lives at present, our waiting for Mashiach can be charged with the force of an idea whose time has come. 

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