• Your Seattle Jewish Hub!CSTL is the Seattle based Jewish destination to pray, study and celebrate. For each of us, CSTL has become a home. Whether it's a Seattle authentic Jewish Shabbos experience with hot Chulent, Seattle Jewish Women's Circle, Meatballs and Mashke Men's Programs, Family Friendly Jewish Holiday Programming or the only Men's & Women's Seattle Mikveh in town, We've got you covered! Join Us
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CSTL is solely funded by our community and its members. Help sponsor our essentials to ensure our Shul can continue to keep our lights on, run our children's program, pray, study, celebrate during good times, and support each other during difficult times. Thank you for your partnership and making our community stronger!
Daily Thought
There is the body, the soul, and then there is the essence. If the soul is light, then the essence is the source of light. If the soul is energy, then the essence is the generator. It is not something you have. It is who and what you are. Whatever we do, we dance around that essence-core, like an orbiting spacecraft unable to land. We can meditate, we can be...