Avos U'banim Hakhel‏

Motzei Shabbos (Sat. Night) December 12th, 7:00 PM @ CSTL

Join us for a special Latkes Event! Come together with your kids and help start the new week off right, with a delicious taste of Torah learning, topped off by nosh, raffles and fantastic prizes. Let us all join together in this year of Hakhel (Gathering) to strengthen our community in the spirit of Torah learning. Program will be for 1 hour. Each Session will conclude with a children's prize raffle and a 'Living Torah' Video featured on the big screen. Learning material will be provided in Hebrew or English. Please feel free to bring your own.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, Chavi & Rabbi Avremi Gitler
This weeks program is sponsored in loving memory of: Yaakov Zev Ben Harav Meir. May his Neshama have an Alyiah.

This Program was instituted in loving memory of
Brandon Gribin - Rephael Chaim Ben Shmuel

Avos U'Banim has been made possible by:
Kim and Richard Benjamin, Tova and Shimon Cox, Marave and Rabbi Avi Herbstman,Ilana and Michael Levin, James Packman and Jeanie and Dr. Richard Reiser

Interested in sponsoring an Avos U'Banim? Please contact Rabbi Avi Herbstman at avrahamshlomo@hotmail.com